Seller feature V2

Allows you to retrieve seller information

API seller Feature

Allows you to retrieve seller informations, address, shop indicators, sales channel subscriptions, delivery mode, carriers. You will be able to :

  • Consult the information on your shop

  • Get your performance indicators

  • Select the delivery modes and carriers you need

  • Consult the subscription to the sales channel


What is a seller ?

In order to understand what "seller" means for Octopia you can read the help center documentation. You will find :

  1. How to login to your seller zone

  2. What is seller performance

  3. Sign-up to a new sales channel

  4. How to open request to the support center

Help center documentation

How the seller feature works

The seller feature allows you to retrieve all the information about your shop. You can also consult important informations and build your seller referential.


Get seller adresses
GET /sellers/adresses

Response attributes : type ; address ; country ; city ; zip-code

Recommended call frequency : occasionally

Get seller subscriptions
GET /sellers/subscriptions

Response attributes : subscription-id ; sales-channel-id ; Status ; action ; offer-submission-currency ; seller-payment- currency

Recommended call frequency : Occasionally

Get carriers
GET /carriers

Response attibutes : code ; label ; additionnal-Parameters-Required

Recommended call frequency : Occasionally

Get seller information
GET /sellers

Response attributes (sample) : seller-id ; login ; shop name ; contact information ; account status ...

Recommended call frequency : Occasionally

Get seller indicators
GET /sellers/indicators

Response attributes : order_acceptation ; product_shipping ; deadline_compliance ; order_claims ; order_refunds

Recommended call frequency : At seller convinience

Get sellers delivery modes
GET /sellers/delivery-modes

Response attibutes : code ; name ; delivery-delay ; is-express-delivery ; more-than-30-kg-product

Recommended call frequency : Occasionally