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SOAP > REST : Migration Guide

In this migration guide we will explain how to : move from the SOAP API to the REST API, features by features ……

New Release

New API features is available :

  • Order invoice
  • Fulfilment return
  • Search Offer…

API Credentials Management

In this video you can learn how to :

  • Retrieve your clientId
  • Grant access to your agregator

Why APIs?

  • Automate the management of your business and save valuable time to focus on your sales strategies.
  • Create your product sheets, update your offers in order to manage your catalog in real time.
  • Manage your orders and your delivery. Drive the customer relations with efficiency.

Accelerate the growth of your Marketplace

  • Connect our 13,000 qualified and continuously monitored international sellers.
  • Select your products from the 100 million items in our multi-specialist catalog, offering the largest brand range.
  • Filter on multiple qualitative and quantitative criteria to adapt your selection to your brand’s positioning.
  • Set up your subscriptions, commissions and special offers.

About us

  • At Octopia, we believe in sharing know-how. Today, we put our 10 years of expertise as a marketplace operator and over 450 employees at your service.
  • Regular exchanges to manage your development and share best practices.
  • Contact us through the support center and/or book an appointment with our API support team.

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