Product feature V2

How to manage your products creation

Informations : These product features work for English, French and Spanish languages

API product Feature

This feature allows you to create your product sheet if it does not exist.
You will be able to :

  • Retrieve the categories and properties

  • Match the existing product

  • Submit new product sheet

  • Consult the report


What is a product ?

In order to understand what "product" means for Octopia you can read the help center documentation. You will find :

  1. What is a qualitative product sheet

  2. How to create standard / variant product

  3. What is a brand, a category and its properties

  4. Understand the error codes

Help center documentation

Some definition

Product : The creation of product sheet is necessary if not existing on our platform. The creation allows you to enrich the article sheet and to register your product in our databases.

Offer : Creating an offer on one of your products is necessary to insert it into your catalog in order to sell it on any Octopia sales channel.

How the products work

Get every information you need to create a product from Octopia product referential

Check if your GTIN codes are existing on Octopia.

If product are missing, you must first create your product sheet to be able to add it to your offer catalog.

If product are existing, you can :

  • Directly put an offer on the product to sell it

  • Modify or enrich the product by trying a new integration on it

    • Every missing information will be filled by yours and you will become a contributor to this product

Products integration reports will allow you to understand every product integration status. This will allow you to correct product data if necessary.


Product Sheet

A product sheet is composed of common data to all categories and specific properties to the category.

  • Common data

  • Specific properties

A product sheet is composed of recurring data (for all categories) and data linked to the category.

  • Recurring data : gtin, title, description, image, brand, category, language...

  • Data linked to the category : for a given category, several properties are attached to it. Example of property: size, color, made in France... 

Data and properties can be mandatory, recommended or optional. 

To be able to sell a product, all mandatory data must be correctly filled in.

Product information on a webpage are : Picture, Title, Description


Type of product 

A product sheet can be created individually, we speak of a simple product, or attached to other products, we speak of a variant product. Only certain categories accept varying products (like fashion, footwear).

  1. Simple product : product without gtinReference. It appears individually on the forehead as in the example shown above.

  2. Variant product : A variant product can vary on two axes currently, size and/or color. Its axes of variation are chosen by the managers of the Octopia product repository and imposed on the seller as mandatory properties. Products created as a variant have a gtinReference and a groupReference. They are part of a product family.


Management rules and verification of product data


  • Between 8 and 13 characters

  • Valid key 

  • That it doesn't start with 200


  • Format: Valid IETF BCP47 consisting of an ISO 639-1 country code, a hyphen and an ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 culture code. Example: fr-FR

  • Languages ​​accepted: fr-FR, en-US and es-ES


  • Existing and smaller than 132 characters


  • Existing and smaller than 2000 characters


  • 2, 4 or 6 characters 

  • An Octopia algorithme will check if the category is cohérente with product title and description


  • 1 picture is mandatory (4 is better)

  • HTTPS-url

  • Resolution between 500 x 500 pxs and 3000 x 3000 pxs

  • Accepted formats: jpg, jpeg, png, gif

  • Image smaller than 5MB


  • Existing and smaller than 5000 characters

  • HTML balises are allowed

  • Media are not supported


  • Ranged properties have a choice list to respect

  • Properties can have attached files


It is mandatory during the product creation stage.

Sellers are required to assign a level 3 Octopia category to their products.

Category 1

Category 2

Category 3










The correct categorisation of your products is important and will increase the visibility of the product on the site and on external search engines.

Conversely, a wrong categorisation leads to :

  • a longer processing time for your catalogue, because the Octopia system has to identify the right category

  • poor visibility of products on Marketplaces

  • a low product score (impact for sponsored products)


They might be mandatory when creating a product.

They are linked to one or several categories and are possible characteristics of a product (size, colour, age, etc.).

The necessity of any property related to a category is essential to define its importance in product creation within that category, it can be :

  • Mandatory

  • Recommended

  • Optional

The properties can be of different types :

  • Ranged or Free

- Ranged have a choice list to define values possibilities

  • Numeric or alphanumeric values

  • Simple or multiple values

  • Variation or not

- Will define if a property is a variation axis to a selected category

  • Allowing an attached file or not

- Will define if a property can host an attached file to ensure product compliance with the law


Get a list of categories
GET /categories

Response attributes (by default) : reference, status

Recommended call frequency : Occasionally

Count categories
Get /categories/count

Return the number of existing category

Recommended call frequency : Occasionally

Get properties of a category

Response attributes (sample) : propertyReference, necessity, index, label...

Recommended call frequency : Occasionally

Get category details

Response attributes (sample) : reference, guid, label, level, language...

Recommended call frequency : Occasionally

Get product package logs
GET /products-integration-reports

Allows you to retrieve your product reports

Recommandations of call : Push the previously retrieved packageId

Submit a product package in JSON
POST /products-integration

Allows you to submit your product sheet

Recommandations of call : Only when you want create new products