API product Feature

The offer feature allows you to manage your catalog. You will be able to :

  • SUBMIT OFFERS with json (Not available for Cdiscount)

  • SUBMIT OFFERS with xml 



What is an offer ?

In order to understand what "offer" means for Octopia you can read the help center documentation. You will find :

  1. The difference between product and offer

  2. How to create and update offers via API

  3. How to delete an offer (not with API)

  4. How to apply commercial operations (only Cdiscount)

Help center documentation


1- Get Offers 

Two endpoints to get the offer information of your catalogue. 

  • POST Offer Search (will be deprecated)

  • GET Offers (new endpoint for Octopia sales channels)


2- Submit offers with json (NOT AVAILABLE FOR CDISCOUNT)
  • Manage ONLY OCTOPIA catalog

  • Create, update and delete your offers

  • Check your offer integration log


3- Submit offers with xml files
  • Manage CDISCOUNT catalog but also Octopia sales channels

  • Create and update your offer information

  • Check your offer integration log

  • Set up commercial operations (Cdiscount only)

4- Management rules 
  • For json API

Some definition

Glossary :

Offer: The offer data concern:

  • Stock

  • Price

  • Taxes

  • Product condition

  • Delivery information (Mode ; Cost ; Time)

  • Status (Active ; Inactive)

An offer is active if and only if ALL the above information are submitted by the seller.

Sales channel : Octopia allows to sell and manage offers on several marketplaces.

Currently, on the offer feature, there are differences of working between Cdiscount and other marketplaces of octopia.

SalesChannelid : This id is used to identify the targeted sales channel. It allows the seller to publish offer information on a specific sales channel.

OfferPoolId : this is a legacy id for the sales channel. It will be deprecated with the SOAP API. Octopia advise to use the sales channel id.

Submit offers : The seller can publish and/or modify the offer information through API’s.

Get offers : The seller can retrieve all the offer information from its catalog


Get offer package logs
GET /offer-integration-packages/{packageId}

Response attributes : integration state ; Offer integration status ; seller product id ; product EAN ; log message

Recommandations call frequency : Every time you push a package and by using the previous packageId

Submit offer package

Response attributes : Package id

Recommandations call frequency :
Full package : Between 2 to 4 times a day
Light package : As much as you want

Search offers by criteria
GET /offers

Response attributes : offer id ; offer state ; seller product id ; product EAN ; price ; stock ; shipping information ...

Recommandations call frequency : Every time you need