Getting started

In this page you will find the best practices in order to start your development or to refresh some parts.

Create your account with sign up

To create your API account, the first step is to complete the following form.

Please ensure that you enter the correct information as it will be used for your integrator account and our follow-up :

  • The "Email" field will be used to create the "user" account to connect to the portal.

  • The "Company Name" field will be used to create your API credentials to generate a token.

Once the form is validated, we will display your client_Id and client_Secret.

WARNING : Make a note of this information because if you forget it, the only way to get it back is to send an email to

You will also received a email to set your portail password.

Try our documentation

You receive your first login and you have subscribed to our starter development package, you can try now in live your first call with the try It.

Your tests are to be carried out with the SellerId Test 98979 that we make available to you (see screenshot below).

To do this, you must add it as a parameter in the header of your calls.


You will receive the correct or incorrect answer to your call in return.


The parameters to keep in mind for your future calls out of the portal are :

  • The SellerId to enter in the header

  • Your OCP-APIM-Subscription key for your subscribed API product

Install your environment and generate your token

For the demonstration we use postman

  • In a second step, we will make new packs available for production, you will receive your machine identifiers (client_id) upon subscription so that you can generate your tokens. For the startup api pack you can skip this step production. 

  • As a starting point, we recommend that you install Postman for your tests.

  • Once installed, you can create the collection in order to have our functionalities and the token generation request

You can generate your tokens but in order to be able to generate your API calls, the seller must accept you  in his back office.

For the moment you can try it in functionality API documentation and in our Sandbox who coming soon.  

Import your collection downloaded

You can download a postman collection :


Open your collection and enter your login information

  • Then enter your client_id and secret client_secret with your password.

  • The url you must use is:

The old url has been decommissioned, so please make sure to use to generate your token.

Picture See video tutorial

First call

Now you know how to generate a token, you can make the first call. (For the starter pack you don't need a token)

To make it simple we take a get call without any parameter like seller informations.

As a reminder, the seller must have approved you in order to be able to inform the SellerId.


If this is not the case, you can ask your seller(s) to send us a request asking us with hi back office Cdiscount -> contact us  to allow you API access to his/her account.

Choose authentication auth2 and insert your token Picture

Send the call

New: the Ocp subscription key is no longer mandatory now

If you encounter an SSL error you must disable SSL in the request settings.


To make your POST calls

Find the parameters in the documentation of the API functionality.

Then add the desired parameters in the body of the request.

It can be for example an order number, a reference, count_by_page for the pagination...

Best practices for managing your development

Where to begin :

Analyze your needs in order to direct you to the right API product.

If you wish to manage the entire activity from A to Z you will start with a Manage the shop product.

Otherwise you will only go on the product on your need so as not to see documentation that will not be useful to you.

How it works :

For each group of functionality API, product, offer, order... you can find in the menu or at the bottom of the tags the desired features to accompany you.

The documentation is only at the beginning, it will be regularly updated for each change and will be used as an example for your feedback.