Fulfillment feature V2

How to manage your fulfillment

Please notice : this API is for Octopia fulfillment sellers only.

you can not use it if you are a fulfilment legacy seller front Cdiscount.

API fulfillment Feature

The fulfillment API is designed for sellers aiming to delegate the storage of their products and the shipping of their orders.
You will be able to :

  • Post your products to be managed

  • Post / consult supply orders and retrieve your delivery note;

  • Consult warehouses stocks;

  • Post and/or consult shipping orders 


What is the fulfillment ?

In order to understand what "fulfillment" means for Octopia you can read the help center documentation. You will find :

  1. What is fulfillment (FFM) pricing and invoicing

  2. What is FFM order

  3. How to take back or yield your products

  4. How to activate/desactivate FMM product

Help center documentation

How the fulfillment works

1- Supply

Logistic referencing

It allows them to create the products to be managed by our logistic service. It is compound of 3 services:

  • Create a new product;

  • Add your seller product référence to a existing product.

  • Retrive your referenced products.


The Inbound API enables you to manage your supply orders (inbounds). It is compound of 4 services:

  • Create a new supply order; 

  • Retrieve a list of supply orders posted;

  • Consult the status of a supply order posted;

  • Retrieve a delivery note needed to deliver the warehouse

2- Stock

The Stock API enables you to manage your stock. It is compound of 2 services:

  • Consult the stocks for a specific product

  • Consult the stocks corresponding to different criteria

3- FFM Order (Outbound)

The Outbound API enables you to manage your orders to the fulfillment warehouse. It is compound of 2 services:

  • Posting shipping orders

  • Consulting shipping orders

  • Consulting stock for a specific product

  • Consulting stock according to different criterias