Fulfillment feature

How to manage your catalogue

Please notice : this API is for Octopia fulfillment sellers only; you can not use it if you are a fulfilment legacy seller front Cdiscount.

Why use offer feature

The API is designed for sellers aiming at running their fulfillment activity. Current supported activities :

  • Posting or consulting shipping orders

  • Consulting fulfillment stock information


Use cases

An integrator/seller aiming at :

  1. Posting shipping orders

  2. Consulting shipping orders

  3. Consulting stock for a specific product

  4. Consulting stock according to different criterias

Use cases

How the offers work

Please find below Fulfillment API use cases illustration :



Creates a new outbound-shipment
POST /outbound-shipment

Creates a new outbound shipment for an external user. Allows to create a new outbound-shipment for a specified seller.

Rules : When the outbound-shipment is created, a productId or a sellerProductReference is required to retrieve the current product in the system. If both are specified only the sellerProductReference is used.

Count outbound-shipments by filters

GET /outbound-shipments/count

Allows to retrieve the amount of outbound-shipments for a specified seller according to several filters.

Gets an outbound shipment by unique identifier.

GET /outbound-shipments/{outboundShipmentId}

Gets an outbound shipment by unique identifier.

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Gets outbound shipments by specified filters

GET /outbound-shipments

Allows to retrieve an outbound-shipment list for a specified seller, according to several filters.

This API delivers outbound-shipments using a cursor pagination. A cursor parameter is used to navigate to the previous or the next page. This parameter is encoded and acts as a pointer to the first or the last item in the page. When the parameter is not provided, the first products are returned until the expected limit.

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Gets fulfillment stock by unique identifier

GET /stocks

Allow a seller to consult a specific fulfillment stock 

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Gets fulfillment stock by filters
GET /stocks

Allow a seller to consult a paginated fulfillment stock corresponding to different criteria

Mention the filter "limit"