Latest Releases

You will find in this section the latest evolution of the API V2: Adding new endpoint, not breaking change...

Release of March 03, 2024

Get Order : PickupId and PickupName now avalaible

  • GET /orders and GET /orders/{orderid} : It is now possible to retrieve the identifier and name of the relay point in the node "lines" > "shippingAddress".

Release of Jan 09, 2024

Transaction reports : New endpoints

  • GET /reports/{reportId}/report-documents : Download Octopia MKP's seller transaction reports file from the reportId.

  • GET /reports : Retrieve sales summaries reports (PDF) from Saleschannel, rely on DAC7 Law.

Discussions : New endpoints

  • POST /discussions : Use this API to create a new discussion.

Release of Nov 17, 2023

Product Creation : Now avalaible for Cdiscount.

  • POST /products-integration and GET /products-integration-reports can now be used to create products on the Cdiscount sales channel.

Release of Aug 23, 2023

Oders cancellation : No breaking changes

  • GET /order-cancellation-requests : Added a new node to know the cause of rejection of an order cancellation

    "errors": [{ "code": "NotExistingOrder", "message": "The order doesn't exist." }, { "code": "InvalidCancellation", "message": "Requester not allowed to use this reason." }]

Release of Jul 17, 2023

Fulfillment : New endpoints

  • POST /returns : Used this route in order to create a new return for the specified seller. This return follows the shipment of a parcel. For some reason it has to be returned.

  • GET /returns/count : Allows to retrieve the amount of returns for a specified seller according to several filters such as outboundShipmentId and/or a reference.

  • GET /returns : Used this route to get a list of returns with different filters such as outboundShipmentId and/or a reference.

  • GET /returns/{returnId} : Retrieve the return with the id

  • GET /returns/{returnId}/labels : Retrieve the label of the return with the id

Release of 29th June

Orders management : New endpoints

  • POST /orders/{orderId}/invoice-documents : Upload file(s) as the invoice for a given order.

  • POST /order-invoice-imports : Upload file(s) as the invoice for multiple orders.

  • GET /order-invoice-imports : Use this endpoint to retrieve the status of your previously uploaded invoices.

  • GET /order-invoice-imports/{importId} : Retrieve a single invoice import via its unique identifier

  • GET /orders/{orderId}/invoice-documents : Retrieve the invoice documents for the specified order